Saturday, December 18, 2010

Excited week!

Helloooooooooooo friends! Week 7 is such a fun week for me..KPWKM which stands for Ministry of Women, Family and Community Development (Kementerian Pembangunan Wanita, Keluarga & Masyarakat) had organized Malam Anugerah KPWKM also known as Gala Night for all agencies under that ministry..Few days before the event, i need to call and asked staffs in LPPKN whether they are going to join it or not..I need to take care of invitation cards for LPPKN and distribute it..This is such a huge event..For that night, I need to be on duty, take care of registration for all guests..Me and my other 3 friends need to handle registration for 8 agencies that joined this Gala Night which are KPWKM (Ministry of Women, Family and Community Development), NIEW (NAM Institute for the Empowerment of Women), YKN (Foundation of National Welfare), SENADA (Secretariat of Advocacy and Empowerment of Muslim Women), JPW (Departments of Women Development), JKM (Social Welfare Department of Malaysia), LPPKN (National Population and Family Development Board) and last but not least ISM (Social Institute of Malaysia)..We need to asked the guests to write down their name, give them program book and also masquerade mask for each and everyone of them..Why masquerade mask? Because the theme of the night is MASQUERADE..hihi..Puan Linda which is my boss said, this is great chance for me to get to know and get involved in ministry's event as not everyone can get this chance..It is quite tiring,but experience is much more valuable especially for internship student like me..i agreed with her..This is a grand event..They also invited Nabil and Sharifah Shahirah to be MC for that night, followed by performance by Ella and Jamal Abdillah..All 8 agencies also performed their own dance..LPPKN with the Bollywood dance..Very exciting! They danced just like a professional dancer! I felt so lucky i can be part of this event..Now i know,actually that's not easy to manage an event especially event for ministry..There are so many things need to considered because Minister YB Dato' Sri Shahrizat Abdul Jalil also come to that Gala Night..Ok then, thanks for reading! Enjoy my photos yeaaahhh! byeye..hihi..

Invitation card

Me & my masquerade mask..hihi..

With YB Dato Sri Shahrizat Abdul Jalil..wearing her masquerade mask..

YB Dato Sri Shahrizat Abdul Jalil with her officers

after the event is over ;)

Part of the guests..

* " It is our choices that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities" - J.K. Rowling

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