Saturday, December 18, 2010

6th Week~'s me again! hihi..What i have been doing for week 6? Let me share it with y0u guys..This week I joined Encik Nasir, Puan Chek Liza and Puan Khuzaimah in meeting for POL which stands for Pelan Operasi Latihan for 2011..This meeting was conducted to think of seminars that LPPKN are going to do for next year for all staffs in LPPKN..In order to produce effective staffs, training need to be given..I need to record it in excel and by joining this meeting, I can share my ideas as well..It's kind of happy feelings for me when my ideas were accepted..This is a great exposure for me as i could learn how to handle meeting and plan for the overall departments..After meeting with them and collect ideas on what seminar they are going to do for 2011, we need to do presentation in front of Head of Department,Puan Sabariah..There were few things that need to be adjusted and added according to Puan Sabariah..Afer that, changes are made and all seminars are going to be proposed for approval..That's it for week 6..Ok then,bubye :)

* Opportunities to find deeper powers within ourselves come when life seems most challenging.” - Joseph Campbell 

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