Monday, December 6, 2010


Hello again guys~! I'm sure all of you must be wondering what does it means with my entry title this time right??? Haha..Actually this week, (4th week of my intern) I got chance to become 'urusetia' for a seminar entitled 'Kursus Kepimpinan Strategik'..I need to help Encik Nasir and Naim who are people in charge of this seminar..I also must prepared the utilities for this seminar..This seminar was held for LPPKN officers. Two guests were invited to give their talk. Before i carry on, actually S.T.A.T.E is the short form on how to open discussions / dialogue..S-share your facts, T-tell your story, A-ask for their view, T-talk tentatively, and E- encourage try it people! It was great i can become 'urusetia' for this seminar because although I'm on duty but at the same time, i also can gain knowledge about strategic leadership..I also able to get to know more officers during this seminar because before seminar starts for each day, they will come to urusetia table and need to sign the attendance as a proof that they attend this seminar..This seminar is actually a good way to instill awareness about how to become a good leader, strategic planning skill, leadership according to Islamic perspective, crucial conversation skill and many more! I really learnt a lot..pretty tired but beneficial for me..ok then, see u guys in my next entry..chow~

* "Know yourself, know your opponents; encounter a hundred battles, win a hundred victories." - Sun Tzu

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