Monday, December 6, 2010

5th week already..What??? haha..

Hey hey, how are you doing guys? hope your internship is going well..can't believe that it's already 5 weeks we are doing our intern..It's kind of exciting when i read through my friends' blog, their experiences, happy moments and how they manage to overcome all those difficult tasks that have been assigned to them during this internship period.. Ok, let me share with you guys my task for this week..Last week, my duty is to help during the seminar..So this whole week, i need to do analysis for that seminar..After the seminar end, all the seminar participants were given form...They need to rate the seminar in term of facilities during seminar, those who give talk, and also their opinions about that seminar..After all the forms were collected, I need to count how many people very satisfied and how many not satisfied with that seminar in overall.. I also need to gather suggestions on how to enhance  this seminar to make it much more effective it in the future..I believe that's it for week 5..hihi..I'll keep you guys posted ok..bye bye..oppss,wait! thanks for reading my blog yeaaahh ;)

* " It always seems impossible until its done..." - Nelson Mandela

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