Saturday, January 1, 2011


Hey hellooo~! it's me again..hihi..For week 8 i just helped Puan Linda to do price comparison, advantages for each photostat machine model, read through their catalog,ask for quotation from companies involved and contact the person in charge for each companies..This is for photostat machines for three departments in LPPKN..We need to complete it before end of this year..I also follow Puan Linda met up with the representative from Sharp Company..After get approval for head of departments, then i contact that company and confirm arrangements with her when she will be able to do the installation..Finally it's done..hihi..Then this week also my supervisor, Miss Fadila Rentah came to my internship place..That's why my title is BEWARE! haha..I bring her to meet Encik Nasir..She asked Encik Nasir about my internship process, and etc...I guess everything is going smoothly..Alhamdulillah..Then Miss Fadila gave evaluation form to Encik Nasir..I hope i will get good marks from Encik Nasir..hihi..Oh yeah..most of my friends finished their internship this week..But i still have 1 week to go..huhu..But nevermind..hihi..Ok everyone..bubye :)

during lunch break ;)

* " Never put an age limit on your dreams"  - Dara Torres

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