Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Heyyyyy everyone..i guess i need to give a lil bit intro here to break the silence..but i wonder how to start it..haha..well, i'm elin! still feeling awkward to write my blog..can anyone teach me how exactly to be a blogger???i mean the real blogger!!! am i sounds serious now? yup,i'm dead serious! hihi..(wink) as y'all can see,my blog title is true colors of me...doesn't it sounds sweet?? (pls agree with me,pls pls..) give me headache to figure out that blog title u know..hahahaahha..the main reason i create this blog is because it is requirement in order  to complete my degree..i need to write about my internship experience..but i'm also gonna write about myself, family, buddies,and anything that i find interesting..kind of random too actually..i'd better stop now before u guys feel annoyed with my a short intro for just wait for my next updates yeahhh..that's it for now..luv u all..chow~

* Have a nice day :)


  1. not so sweet! hahaha
    it's lovely babe!

  2. yeay! nevermind,lovely is accepted too! haha..

  3. babe, u kan blogger..u la kne ajar budak baru belajar..hahahahaa

  4. what rumours...may i know...